ASD Ravanusa Calcio: let's gain in again!

Thursday , 06 September 2018

After the disappointment of relegation in Sicilian first category, the ASD Ravanusa Calcio has to gain what they lost giving everything on the field.

An unfavorable element for the team, the past year, was to play each home match in a neutral stadium, because the Saraceno Stadium had to put in compliance especially locker room and tribune. So, the president and the society decided to take advantage of the time window to restructure the field and insert a new top quality synthetic mantle.

The system is a Lesmo3S with GeofillN natural infill and a shockpad Next.

The main Lesmo3S wire’s feature is that it is TRICOLOR and TRISHAPE, this means the wire has three colors and three shapes, to recreate at the best a natural mantle. More than the visual point of view, Lesmo3S give incredible performances, especially for football. The ball bounce, the grip, the cushioning,… are reproduce in exceptional way because the grass wires look really natural thanks to their conformation that represent the grass life:

  • Thin and clear wire: born
  • Medium and darker wire: growing
  • Thick and dark: maturity

Everything is enriched with a patented Italgreen infill, Geofill N in this case. It is a cork and coconut fiber composite, completely eco-friendly and green that simulate a natural ground condition and present its same features (to have more info please read our article: Geofill, natural and fresh).

Finally, to have the most innovative system, Ravenusa decided to use a Next shockpad: a pad patented and produced by Italgreen, with a technology that work as dumper and as draining system.




With a synthetic field like this we expect Ravanusa to gain his place in high floors and they reach promotion.

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