Hybrid Turf: what is it, advantages and solutions

What is a hybrid turf? Why choose it and what are its advantages? Find out everything you need to know about this particular type of grass and take a look at what Italgreen has to offer.

On this page, we delve into:

What is a hybrid turf and when to use it

A hybrid turf is a particular type of grass with both natural and artificial characteristics

What exactly does it mean?

It means that this type of turf is composed of a mix of natural and artificial fibers

It can be realized in two ways:

  • Stitching the fibers into the natural turf
  • Laying an artificial grass carpet on top of the natural grass.

Thanks to this solution, it is possible to enjoy a prestigious grass like natural grass and at the same time make intensive use of the field without the risk of it being ruined.

A hybrid turf is great in sports like football, rugby, and all the sports that require the player to continuously accelerates, decelerate, and changes direction

This means that the adherence of the shoes to the playing surface is fundamental to supporting the player and avoiding slips and falls so players need turfs able to guarantee this characteristic.

Both natural and synthetic turfs have some limitations:

  • Natural turf is easily ruined so it is difficult to keep it in excellent condition every day for the duration of the season
  • Sometimes, artificial lawn is often hard so players experience back pain or burning ligaments. Ankle or knee sprains are more common on synthetic turf fields than on natural grass fields as synthetic turf has too much grip on the player's shoe.

This is why a hybrid turf can be the best option in sports because it ensures practicality, strength, softness, and quality.

The advantages of a hybrid turf

Let’s discover all the advantages of a hybrid turf:

  • It is a sustainable choice because mitigates climate change and prevents soil erosion
  • It can guarantee many more hours of safe play
  • It does not require extraordinary maintenance as the system doen not to be replace if the natural grass is maintained regularly. Annual maintenance is always recommended;
  • The field is always playable on synthetic fibers where natural grass is lacking 
  • Its softness ensures that players do not hurt themselves in case of a fall
  • Ball bounce is great, just like a natural turf

Do you know where you can find a hybrid turf with all these characteristics? Take a look at Italgreen’s Powergrass solution.

Discover Powegrass: Italgreen’s hybrid turf

Powegrass is Italgreen’s innovative hybrid turf grass system that ensures the best game experience thanks to all the benefits of natural and artificial turf, in fact:

  • It provides better and safer play as the surface is plain and uniform with reduced maintenance
  • Its surface is stable to sustain players' action with higher traction so it prevents slips and falls
  • Anchors the roots of the grass that penetrate the backing in search of water and nutrients
  • Protects the synthetic grass from the UV rays 
  • Prevents the formation of divots during the game and ensures many hours of play
  • It can be used under any weather circumstances, even heavy rain
  • It is a sustainable choice, in fact, it follows the principle of regenerative agriculture, providing a positive environmental impact and embracing the fundamentals of the Circular Economy.

Discover how our Powergrass works in the video below:


Are you looking for a hybrid turf to ensure players the best game performance ever? Italgreen is here for you!



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