Build a tennis court: the complete guide by Italgreen

Are you thinking of building a tennis court? Well, you can ask Italgreen how to do it in the best way. Since 1983 we have been offering a high-quality service for the design, the construction and the maintenance of a turnkey tennis court. Discover on this page all the steps to build a tennis court, how we do it, the most suitable kinds of synthetic grass and how to maintain it perfectly.


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Italgreen has been designing and building tennis courts for over 30 years using high-quality synthetic grass. This material ensures optimal bounce and year-round viability with minimal maintenance, as well as exceptional aesthetic performance.

There are several parameters to consider when designing and building a tennis court: specific measures of the playing field, lines and dividing network with their supports, must be adhered to. In addition, regulations regarding the design of the lighting system should be carefully considered.

How much space do you need to build a tennis court?

The minimum recommended size for building a tennis court that hosts either singles or doubles matches is 120 ft. by 60 ft. This is necessary for you to have enough space for the court itself, and room for players to overrun at the sides or serve from the baseline.

However, if what you look for is a proper tournament style court that includes room for judges and linesmen, add another 10 ft to each of the above measurements.



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Consider the location for your tennis court installation

When planning to build a tennis court, it's crucial to find the right location on your property. This will ensure there's enough space not only for the court itself, which measures 60 by 120 feet for doubles play, but also for additional elements like fencing, landscaping, and drainage. 

Moreover, it's essential to be aware of local rules and regulations:

  • Check local municipality rules for any specific regulations or permits required for court installation.
  • Consider fencing and lighting restrictions, especially if you're part of a homeowners association (HOA), which might require board approval.
  • Avoid fines and penalties by consulting with all relevant local authorities and organizations beforehand.

Ensuring compliance with all local guidelines and space requirements will help create a seamless installation process for your tennis court.

Optimal tennis court orientation and weather conditions

Choosing the right orientation and considering weather patterns are critical when planning your outdoor tennis court. A north-south orientation is preferred to prevent players from facing direct sunlight, which can impair visibility during play. Additionally, the court's location should account for local climate conditions to avoid water pooling from rain or snow by potentially lowering the surrounding land for better drainage.

Key strategies for non-ideal orientations include:

  • Utilizing windscreens or shade structures to mitigate sunlight impact.
  • Planting trees or shrubs for natural shade and wind protection.
  • Installing movable panels for temporary relief from direct sun.

Considering the elevation, local weather patterns, and existing winds will ensure your tennis court provides a comfortable and playable environment throughout the year, regardless of your region's specific challenges.

How we operate when we build a tennis court

We have being building tennis courts since the 1980s so that we have achieved some awards from FIT (Italian Tennis Federation). But do not be tricked by this – we are an international company that works and builds tennis courts worldwide, from Italy to the UK, from the USA to Japan.

Find here all our worldwide references.

We take our job seriously. When you contact us, we will start a step-by-step process to build and deliver you the best tennis court ever. Here’s how we operate in the concrete.

Step 1: Topographic and feasibility survey

Before building a tennis court, we need to check the suitability of the location area of the court, that is:

  • Accessibility
  • Services (water, electricity, water collection and disposal)
  • Orientation of the playing field
  • Soil morphology
  • Dominant winds


Step 2: Preparing the ground

The preparation of the ground for the placement of synthetic grass proceeds with the stratification of a layer of different measures to ensure maximum performance and draining properties. Everything must be surrounded by a containment wall that also acts as a support for the external fence.


Step 3: Installing synthetic grass

Next step in building a tennis court is the laying of the synthetic turf, which can be selected between different colors to create the best aesthetic effect. The synthetic lawn has at least a couple of considerable advantages: it won’t easily wear out and it keeps a perfect performance hold for several years.

Synthetic turf installation is the core of our activity, and it involves also the installation of:

  • Underfelts
  • Fences
  • Irrigation systems
  • Draining and anti-shock underfelts 
  • Synthetic turf mantles
  • Infills


Step 4: Installing auxiliary structures

The last step to build a tennis court involves all auxiliary structures. Upon request, we can:

On your request, we are able to install all auxiliary structures as well like:  

  • Complementary works
  • Lighting
  • Various equipment
  • Tension fabric structures and the likes in case you need to build an indoor tennis court 


Green HD, the best synthetic grass to build a tennis court

As we have written above, synthetic grass is our business core, so let’s spend a few words on some suggested kinds of artificial grass to build a tennis court.

Synthetic grass ensures a playability very similar to that of professional fields with much lower upfront costs and maintenance. The building of a synthetic turf tennis court, together with a perfect uniformity of the level of illumination, allows to make the plant highly usable and quickly re-enter the investment.

The advantages of synthetic grass are countless:
economical, practical, functional and aesthetical

The kinds of synthetic grass we suggest the most when building a tennis court is Green HD. We have installed Green HD in thousands of fields worldwide. It is a versatile artificial grass suitable for various applications, including tennis courts.

We have recently revisited it to provide a realistic two-color scheme in order to achieve the best aesthetic performance. This mantle is characterized by a smooth yarn that guarantees:

  • superior elastic memory
  • high resistance
  • extreme duration


Why we use synthetic grass to build a tennis court

As you could see, the main material we use to build a tennis court is synthetic grass, that is a kind of artificial grass which:

  • requires minimum maintenance efforts and costs
  • allows the tennis court to be used all year long – even after heavy rains
  • allows optimal ball bounce, very similar to clay courts
  • provides perfect grip and foot slide
  • has an excellent playing comfort

In a nutshell, it minimises costs and maximises performance. In addition, it looks like a natural grass field.


After building your tennis court: maintenance

Synthetic turf requires very low maintenance and guarantees excellent performance all year long, and that is the main reason why we use it in building a tennis court.

As a matter of fact, its maintenance is made of very few steps:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Periodic sanitation
  • Periodic irrigation
  • Watering on hot days
  • Periodic repairs
  • Periodic testing

In addition to this regular maintenance you can carry out by yourself, you may need some extra-ordinary intervention. In fact, we do not simply build tennis courts: upon request, we provide you with a maintenance service to ensure the long duration of the synthetic turf mantle.

This special maintenance is called Italgreen Care and by joining the program you can get:

  • some discount on maintenance interventions and the purchase of infills
  • free site inspections
  • warranty extension
  • membership card with the special Italgreen Customer Kit


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