Geofill® natural infill
Italgreen's best system is called Geofill®, the prestigious natural infill patented by Italgreen SpA, basically consisting of plant fibres. Approve...
Next, underfelt for synthetic turf

Next, the underfelt developed and manufactured by Italgreen SpA, optimises the anti-shock performance of the synthetic turf system, improving performance during sports practice

Power Grass®, Italgreen’s first system for hybrid turf grass fields

POWERgrass® is an innovative hybrid turf grass system that makes installation easier. The system improves growth conditions providing more playing hours on real grass with reduced maintenance. The system can be renovated many times and is resistant over 20 years. The innovative system has solved all drawbacks of all others hybrid grass systems that are now public on 4 patents and last but not least you can count on it anytime because you can play also on the fibres avoiding losing any game.

Advanced technology systems

Thanks to its vast experience in the field of synthetic turf, Italgreen is ready to fulfil all its clients' requests and to supply solutions that meet any demands, even in the hardest of situations.


Everyday Italgreen works on the research for new technologies to offer new solutions making only the best synthetic turf systems made of latest technical generation always respecting the environment. Over the years, Italgreen has received dozens of international awards and certifications, and as a result of constant technological research, it is able to guarantee the highest quality and innovation for all its products.

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