Next, underfelt for synthetic turf

The Next underfelt, developed and manufactured by Italgreen SpA, optimises the anti-shock performance of the synthetic turf system, improving performance during sports practise. Thanks to its reticular structure, it is also a draining support integrated in the synthetic turf system, especially studied for horizontal drainage underfelts, as demonstrated by laboratory reports issued by LABOSPORT ITALIA.

Anti-shock geo-composite for planar drainage created through the heat-sealing coupling of the draining core made of extruded single-filaments with a morphology of isometric bubbles, combined with two geo-fabrics for filtration and separation.

Shock pad with high performance and excellent draining capacities, compliant with the main international regulations, 100% recyclable. The product is fully recyclable, in full conformity with UNI 10667-16.



  • COUPLED MATERIAL: Non-woven fabric/UV-stabilised polypropylene, white
  • CORE: Polypropylene, UV-stabilised with black carbon, black




Excellent draining properties for sports surfaces with horizontal drainage that use a synthetic turf layer

Shock absorption and energy return

Excellent shock absorbing capacity and energy restitution, in full conformity with the requisites determined by FIFA and by the main international federations.


Surprisingly easy to install


Better system performance and resistance of fibres in artificial turf, which makes use of the added value brought by NEXT to the entire artificial turf system.

Economic benefits

Economic benefits deriving from the high performance of the product regarding the horizontal draining of the synthetic turf surface layer.
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