Synthetic grass tennis court: benefits and supply

Nowadays, synthetic grass tennis courts are becoming more and more popular thanks to the advantages they provide either as professional tennis courts and recreational venues.

Throughout its over thirty years of experience, Italgreen has been able to become one of the leading producers of synthetic grass for different sports. Among all the products, you can also find synthetic grass for tennis courts.

Beside the production of synthetic grass, Italgreen is able to design and install tennis courts as well thanks to its long experience in the field, giving advice on the most suitable grass for any type of court. As a professional synthetic grass tennis court producer, not only does the company understand the client’s needs, it also offers ad hoc solutions.

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Advantages of synthetic grass tennis court

Compared to natural grass courts, a synthetic grass tennis court has a range of advantages that cannot be underestimated, in terms of:

  • easy maintainance
  • possibility to play after the rain or a storm
  • softness
  • perfect aesthetic condition throughout the year

Easy maintainance

The first benefit is probably the easy maintenance: unlike the natural grass, synthetic grass is resilient in a way that it does not get easily damaged even in case of long matches. Another point is that the coloured lines do not fade under the sunlight. Italgreen’s synthetic grass tennis court, for example, usually lasts even more than ten years.

Playing soon after the rain

Synthetic grass tennis courts can be used also after rain because of its draining properties that keep the terrain dry. This means that the tennis court can be used all year long.


Due to its elastic memory, synthetic grass tennis court provides athletes with a natural feeling. As a matter of fact, tennis can turn into a very demanding sport, so it is necessary that athletes feel comfortable especially during a long match. Being softer than hard courts, a synthetic grass tennis court is more enjoyable to play on.

Perfect aesthetic condition throughout the year

Being more resistant than its natural counterpart, synthetic grass tennis court does not get ruined easily, allowing the court to be used all year long during the whole tennis season despite the players’ fast movements during the matches.


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Maintaining your artificial grass tennis court

One of the key advantages of artificial grass tennis courts is their minimal maintenance requirements. This allows the court to be utilized for numerous hours each day, with Italgreen ensuring performance for over a decade. 

Furthermore, an artificial grass tennis court can withstand storms and rainfall due to its superb drainage capabilities, ensuring the surface remains dry following inclement weather. This guarantees continuous use throughout the season, maximizing playing opportunities. 

To keep the artificial grass unchanged, make sure to allow entry only with suitable footwear, prohibit the use of chewing gum and cigarettes, and restrict access to unsuitable vehicles. Ensure the removal of potential hazards like bottles and metal cans to protect the court surface, as flammable debris nearby can attract vandals, underscoring the importance of maintaining cleanliness in both the court and its surroundings.


Why choosing Italgreen’s synthetic grass tennis court

In addition to all the above features, Italgreen’ s synthetic grass tennis court features an ITF certificate and a FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) certificate. On top, it is produced according to the latest European regulation standards with 100% recyclable and eco-sustainable materials.

To sum up, Italgreen’s synthetic grass tennis court is designed and installed with a state-of-the-art technology so that:

  • it lasts all the tennis season long despite players moving fast and pivoting
  • it requires low maintenance
  • it provides optimal ball bounce and playing comfort
  • it is clean and hygienic because it is immune to organic contamination

As written above, Italgreen can also design and install big and complex tennis courts thanks to its long experience in the field and its ability to understand customers’ needs. That is, it is able to offer ad hoc solutions. Quality is also guaranteed by the continuous controls carried out on materials and processes in compliance with the European regulations.

So far, due to its expertise Italgreen has been working all over the world installing synthetic grass tennis court either in Italy and abroad.


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