Italgreen: golf turf manufacturers and suppliers since 1983

Designing and manufacturing synthetic turfs since 1983, we are one of the most experienced golf turf manufacturers and suppliers. Our goal is to provide the best and most satisfying sport experience. How do we do that? Constant research and innovation, continuous controls on procedures and materials, customized solutions for everyone’s needs.

What we will take a look at in the next paragraphs:




Golf tee and putting: manufacturing high quality material for every turf area

Every golf turf is divided into different areas that require specific turf characteristics. Let’s see which are the main parts of a golf turf:

  • Tee: this is the first area the players meet and where the game starts;
  • Fairway: this is the area characterized by a very well cut grass with a medium high grass part on both sides (the rough). It is followed by a part of tall grass, called heavy rough, where the ball play becomes really difficult;
  • Putting (or Green): this is the area with the shortest turf, needed in a game of precision.

Italgreen, as a golf turf manufacturer and supplier, can provide the suitable synthetic turfs for every area of the camp.


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Italgreen's method of manufacturing and supplying golf turfs

In our activity we take care of the whole process of designing, producing and supplying golf turfs. This allows us to guarantee a positive experience to our customers and deliver a product of excellence.


We will be at your side for the whole process:
from the production, to the supply, to the installation and maintenance.

Italgreen’s method involves six different phases, that go from the production to the installation and the maintenance.

Let’s see the six phases more in details:

  1. Synthetic turf production: processes that lead to the weaving of the synthetic turf mantle, with the infills used to complement the turf and the production of draining and anti-shock underfelts.
  2. Synthetic turf supply: the turf is supplied by itself or with accessory materials such as glueing materials or infills.
  3. Synthetic turf design: this phase involves the inspection of the sport center or of the area in synthetic turf, various feasibility studies and the creation of the project.
  4. Synthetic turf installation: in this step the turf and other complementary structures are installed and ready to use.
  5. Synthetic turf maintenance: the right maintenance guarantees a better and longer duration. The synthetic turf maintenance is particularly easy to do and it involves just some regular cleaning, periodic sanitation, irrigation and repair and watering on hot days.
  6. Synthetic turf redevelopment: the last phase considers the removal of the previous synthetic turf and the installation of a new one.




Why choosing a synthetic golf turf

By choosing us as your golf turf supplier, you will have many benefits. Our manufacturing processes will help you to meet the different needs in terms of performance, aesthetic and comfort.

Moreover, our all-round service, that goes from the manufacturing of the golf turf to its delivery, makes us a trustworthy and solid supplier for the realization of your golf turf.




A synthetic golf turf will mean:

  • Having a realistic turf, without the disadvantages of a natural one;
  • Ensuring high performances in any season, since the golf turf is not affected by the weather;
  • No need of a big maintenance;
  • Having a turf realized in respect of the most recent European standards;
  • Having a golf turf 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.


A golf turf supplier and manufacturer that can help you achieve the best performances

Our long experience is at your service to realize the golf turf that better meets your requirements. With our control of the entire manufacturing and delivering process, you will always be kept informed and involved in every step of the process, from the production, to the installation, to the after-sales assistance and maintenance.

Other teams have already chosen our services to build their new synthetic golf turf, like the Golf Club Castelconturbia that chose our Green 2000 HD mantel.



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