Arab culture embraces Italian design



We want to pay homage to the Arab artistic-cultural charm by enriching it with Italian technological innovation into a Padel court that can tell the story of the matching of these two cultures. An intrinsic value, represented not only by the uniqueness of this dedicated design, but by the essence that this padel incorporates to best represent the idea of exclusivity and refinement that only Arab splendor can have.



This padel court combines all the advantages of Fiberglass®, known and recognized globally, with a unique design of its kind; the iconic features of our fields colored by an Arab breeze. In addition to this, Italgreen, always at the forefront of design and technologies, offers the possibility to customize the court even more: Comfort Glass®. A new generation of ''Synthetic glass'' that will take the development of padel courts to the next level.  All wrapped in a veil of Arabian charm ...



One of the hallmarks of this unique project in its refinement is Exclusivity. We believe that the homage to beauty must be represented by a limited number of exemplars to really capture its allure. Thus, the Qatar World Cup Limited Edition court will be offered in Pre-sale for up to 50 courts worldwide, along with a certificate of originality and serial number.






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