Sports turf manufacturers since 1983

Since 1983, Italgreen has been one of the main sports turf manufacturers in Italy and worldwide. Let’s discover all the characteristics of its products. 

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The wide range of Italgreen’s sports turfs

Since 1983, Italgreen has been producing a wide range of synthetic turf fields, becoming one of the main sports turf manufacturers in Italy and worldwide.

In particular, Italgreen produces turfs for the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Padel
  • Football and rugby
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Hockey

For each sport, it is possible to choose among different types of turfs:

  • For soccer there are 6 particular types of turfs: Double 4, Lesmo 3S, All Star, DMX, Green HD, Zerofill;
  • For american football and rugby you can find: Double 4, All Star and DMX;
  • For tennis you can find Green HD;
  • For padel it is possible to choose between 12 Padel Pro and 14 Padel;
  • For hockey it is possible to choose a system based on water and sand technology;
  • Finally, Tee and Putting are designed for golf fields.




All the characteristics of Italgreen’s sport turfs 

What makes Italgreen one of the main sports turf manufacturers is for sure the quality of its products and services

In particular, all the turfs are 100% Made in Italy and are perfectly certified according to the international regulations.

Moreover, all the manufactured products are characterized by:

  • High technological level;
  • Customization according to the customers requests;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Exceptional aesthetic appearance;
  • Excellent game performances 
  • Installation of the turf completely managed by Italgreen.

The quality of Italgreen has transcended the borders of Italy, even reaching the United States, as we will see in the next section.


The worldwide success of Italgreen as sports turf manufacturers

Italy is becoming one of the main sports turf manufacturers also abroad, both in Europe and the US.

With regard to the United States, in addition to building fields for typical American sports, Italgreen had the opportunity to install an innovative padel court, despite the fact that it is still an uncommon discipline there.

In december 2021 the Miami’s Wynwood Padel club, the largest padel club in the US, chose Italgreen for the realization and installation of two padel synthetic fields.

Thanks to the use of 12 padel pro, the official blanket of the International Padel Federation, Italgreen installed an excellent padel turf that satisfied completely the requirements of the customers, confirming again itself as one of the best sports turf manufacturers worldwide.



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