Artificial Football Turf

When it comes to the needs of a football field, nothing is more critical than ensuring optimal playability, durability, and safety. The choice of the playing surface can make or break the game, and that's where Italgreen’s artificial football turf steps in as a game-changer.

Requirements of a natural football turf

A football turf is a battleground where precision, speed, and teamwork converge. To meet these rigorous demands, the playing surface must be top-notch. In the case of natural turf, it is essential to pay attention to these elements:

  • Grass Health - The grass should be lush, healthy, and able to recover quickly from damage. Regular fertilization, aeration, and pest control are essential for maintaining grass health
  • Proper Drainage - Effective drainage systems are necessary to prevent waterlogging and ensure the field remains playable in wet conditions
  • Level Surface - The field should have a flat and even surface to prevent tripping and ensure fair play
  • Maintenance - Regular maintenance, including mowing, irrigation, and soil testing, is necessary to keep the field in top condition
  • Climate Considerations - The grass type and maintenance schedule should align with the local climate to ensure year-round playability

As you can see, natural grass requires constant and careful maintenance and can be affected by weather and extended play sessions

That's why an artificial football turf today has become the preferred choice for stadiums and sports centers: maximum quality with minimum effort.

Italgreen's Artificial Football Turf

When it comes to artificial football turf, Italgreen stands tall as an industry leader renowned for its commitment to excellence. Our dedication is evident in every blade of grass we produce, making us your top choice for artificial football turf solutions.

We achieve this through cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our artificial football turf is not just good but exceptional in terms of quality and performance. What sets us apart is our ability to tailor our solutions to your specific field requirements. From turf density to infill types, we customize our products to meet your unique needs.

Here are our best football synthetic mantles:

  • Double X - this artificial football turf boasts remarkable resilience and elastic memory, setting it apart as an avant-garde playing surface. Distinguished by its unique double diamond shape, it offers exceptional durability, with an ultra-high double thickness that enhances its longevity. It's engineered to withstand the rigors of use, UV rays, and ice, making it the perfect choice for enduring performance on the field.
  • LESMO 3S - Combining the strengths of two premier products, Double 4 and Lesmo HD, Italgreen has given birth to Lesmo 3S. This visionary creation was driven by the goal of integrating all the advantages of the finest synthetic turf mantles. Lesmo 3S stands out with its tricolor design and tri shape composition, offering a remarkable blend of aesthetics and performance.
  • ALL STAR - Its unique fiber composition consists of four distinct sections, each serving a specific purpose: resilience, comfort, coverage, and infill reinforcement. Crafted from durable ESENE C6 polymers, it can withstand tough conditions. One standout feature is its ability to stay cool even in scorching climates, thanks to HR anti-radiation products. Additionally, it offers excellent reflectance and slip resistance, reducing abrasion and glare. 

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Advantages of Artificial Football Turf

The advantages of choosing artificial football turf go beyond meeting the basic needs of the game. Here's why it's a winning choice:

  • Consistency - Artificial turf provides a consistent playing surface, eliminating unpredictable variations due to weather
  • Versatility - It can be customized to fit various field sizes and configurations, making it suitable for professional stadiums, college campuses, and local community fields alike
  • Player Performance - The uniform surface enhances player performance, promoting better control, faster sprints, and reduced fatigue
  • Sustainability - Artificial turf conserves water by eliminating the need for irrigation. It's also eco-friendly as it reduces the use of fertilizers and pesticides, contributing to a greener environment
  • Cost-Effective - While the initial investment in artificial football turf may seem substantial, it pays off in the long run. Natural grass fields come with ongoing expenses for maintenance, water, and repairs, whereas synthetic turf eliminates these costs.

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  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect 365 days a year
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