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Hockey synthetic turf

Technological research has allowed Italgreen to develop hockey synthetic turf systems for field hockey, thanks to which the company became partner and official supplier of the Italian Hockey Federation, and a partner of the most important international federations.

Field hockey likely has very ancient origins: according to some scholars, it dates back to ancient Persia! Today, field hockey gains more and more fans every year thanks to the evolution developed in the field of hockey synthetic turfThis surface, the favourite of field hockey players, has allowed the sport to grow steadily over the years, thanks to its many advantages and great comfort.

Italgreen's hockey synthetic turf systems are perfectly flat, allowing the ball to roll perfectly and offering a level of fluidity to the game that would be impossible otherwise. Our hockey turf guarantees exceptional smoothness, natural feeling and a stunning aesthetic effect. All of that, with minimum maintenance need and perfect availability all over the year, with any weather condition.

Hockey synthetic turf solutions are available in two types, according to the infill contained in the system:


Hockey synthetic turf with sandbase technology

Hockey turf with Sandbase technology. The synthetic hockey turf mantle is closely packed with sand until the tufted surface is almost completely covered. The upper part of the synthetic turf threads remains free. The resulting visual effect is as similar as possible to a natural grass field.


Hockey synthetic turf with waterbase technology

Ultra-high-tech solutions, such as Italgreen's System Waterbase (the ball rolls on a super thin water layer on the synthetic turf), guarantees a high-performing play that is appreciated by professionals in this sector: their feedback and opinions continue to help improve and modernise our hockey synthetic turf systems, to achieve results that would cause envy on even the best of traditional paving systems.


Italgreen offers synthetic grass solutions for hockey pitches, both with Sand-dressed and Water-based technology.


The features of modern hockey synthetic turf

Italgreen’s high-quality hockey synthetic turf ensures fast play and enhances ball control as it provides a consistently dense surface structure that allows for a perfect ball run under any weather conditions.

Moreover, our hockey turf is long-lasting: for instance, it retains its shock-absorbing effect also after several years and resists various weather conditions and UV-rays so that it can be used also after heavy rains or drought periods.


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Why choose Italgreen turf
  • Perfect ball sliding
  • Optimal foot grip and torsion during playing movements
  • Complete shock absorption
  • Low manteineance
  • Perfect 365 days per year
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