Padel court builder: Italgreen is the solution

When it comes to constructing a top-notch padel court, there are numerous factors to consider. Italgreen stands out as the padel court builder you've been searching for. Our decades of experience, commitment to excellence, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the ideal partner for your padel court project. Discover why!

On this page, we delve into:

Why Italgreen is the padel court builder you're looking for

With a solid track record and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in padel court construction, Italgreen offers a great level of expertise. 

We can provide you a comprehensive service, covering everything from design to construction and installation of padel courts. With us, you'll receive a turnkey padel court, ready for action.

Here’s why you should choose us as your padel court builder:

  • Iron structure: Our padel courts feature a patented iron structure, ensuring:
    • Rust resistance
    • Anti-corrosive features
    • Absence of maintenance
    • Resistance to winds up to 100 km/h and fire
    • FIP and FIT specifications compliance
  • Customization options: Italgreen offers a range of customization possibilities. For example, you have the freedom to select the colors of the structure's lights and brackets (total black or flash green) 
  • Great maintenance service: Thanks to Italgreen Care, you have access to an exclusive maintenance program tailored to keep your padel court in prime condition.

Our synthetic turf for padel courts

As one of the first padel court builders, we have harnessed our specialized knowledge to create two distinct products, each designed to meet the unique demands of our clients:

padel-court-builder-proPadel Pro: this type of synthetic turf sets the benchmark for both comfort and visual appeal in padel court synthetic grass. This surface is intricately woven with 10mm textured polyethylene fibers, ensuring outstanding durability against UV rays and frost. The fibers boast a high elastic memory, promptly returning to their upright position to maintain consistent ball bounce and provide players with natural twist and superior traction.

padel-court-builder-fibPadel Fib: standing 12 millimeters tall, this artificial grass is composed of fibrillated fibers that exhibit great UV resistance. Engineered for longevity, Padel Fib promises enduring performance and resistance. The turf's excellent memory allows fibers to rebound swiftly to their vertical orientation after compression, ensuring a playing surface that remains consistent over time.


The advantages of building a padel court

Building a padel court comes with a host of advantages that make it a smart choice for any sports center. Let’s discover why:

  • Space optimization: Padel courts are approximately 10 x 20 meters in size, which is half that of a standard tennis court. This space efficiency means you can build almost two padel courts in the area required for one tennis court, maximizing your facility's capacity
  • Double turnover: Padel is a four-player game, unlike tennis, which requires two players. This distinction means more bookings, more matches, and ultimately, increased revenue for your sports center
  • Low maintenance: Padel courts feature synthetic grass that significantly reduces maintenance costs. Unlike natural grass, there's no need for irrigation, saving both water and maintenance efforts
  • Year-round accessibility: The synthetic grass used in padel courts ensures they remain usable all year round, even after heavy rainfall. Thanks to an efficient drainage system, puddles and mud are prevented, maintaining the court's playability. 

Build your padel court with us! We are waiting for you.

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