Geofill: Natural and fresh

Thursday , 02 August 2018
A cooler technology

With the temperature that still increasing until reaching 40° C and the sun that hit the artificial turf, the synthetic field filled with rubber are the first to be damaged.

This technology, even recreating in a perfect way a blanket of a football pitch in natural grass, has some little technical disadvantages in comparison with the infill technology tested by Italgreen for the realization of his soccer fields: GEOFILL.


The ideal solution for synthetic turf pitches

This infill material is obtained from coconut fiber and cork, so you can receive any natural blanket advantages, on a synthetic turf.This system can bring positive expedient to all the parties involved: footballers and the owner.

The owner of a football field with GEOFILL technology has the possibility to improve the availability time slot to use the synthetic turf; the rubber infill, tend to heat up quicker during the hottest hours in the day, while the natural infill, with coconut and cork allows to keep the blanket in fresh conditions, similar to natural field ones. Also, the GEOFILL system needs less maintenance in case of high temperature, allowing saving time and money.

Fundamental differences concern also the players who risk hurt their feet and damage their shoes due to synthetic turf high temperature; moreover, it releases hot air from the downward, and this make the footballer suffer more the hot temperature.

In addition, with GEOFILL, in case of falling on the synthetic turf, you do not risk hurt yourself, avoiding burns and abrasions.

Technical details of geofill

Those important qualities bought GEOFILL (existing in two types: GEO S composed by cork, coconut and rubber SBR and GEO N completely composed by cork and coconut) to obtain world level certifications. GEO S, with a Performant Shockpad, is used to realize synthetic fields homologated FIFA Quality Pro. Moreover, fields realized with this system are completely recyclable: they are composed by synthetic filament of polyethylene on a support of the same material, sand and the natural GEOFILL infill.  

This means the whole system in Green. So, it doesn’t exist a better solution but GEOFILL to enjoy a good match also in the hottest day of the year.

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