Power Grass®, Italgreen’s first system for hybrid turf grass fields

POWERgrass® is an innovative hybrid turf grass system that makes installation easier. The system improves growth conditions providing more playing hours on real grass with reduced maintenance. The system can be renovated many times and is resistant over 20 years. The innovative system has solved all drawbacks of all others hybrid grass systems that are now public on 4 patents and last but not least you can count on it anytime because you can play also on the fibres avoiding losing any game.

POWERgrass® is a system of hybrid turf grass that offers the features of a modern playing surface with extremely higher resistance compared to conventional grass because there are no divots to restore after each game. The maintenance method HEALgreen follows the teaching of regenerative agriculture, emulating nature providing a positive environmental impact and embrace the fundamentals of the Circular Economy.

Hybrid turf grass POWERgrass is a win, win, win solution

Players, Investors and Groundsmen will all benefit from the installation of the system and maintenance methods. The hybrid turf grass pitch is made of the combination between artificial and natural grass, a winning symbiosis that increase the benefits of both natural and artificial grass.


While natural grass...

  • provides an extremely aesthetic, natural and safer play
  • protects the synthetic grass from the UV rays and
  • consolidates the infill with its roots.


...the artificial turf

  • prevents the formation of divots during the game and allows many hours of play for trainings and matches that can take place also under heavy rain.
  • protects the crowns of the grass plants on the surface.
  • anchors the roots of the grass that penetrate the backing in search of water and nutrients.


Looking for a grass system which resists environmental stress and intense play?

Go for Italgreen’s hybrid turf grass POWERgrass!


Football and Rugby players often prefer to play on a safe and soft natural grass lawn. On POWERgrass hybrid turf grass field will get the same feeling because the system provides the same comfort for natural grass. In addition, the system provides better and safer play because the surface is plain and uniform with reduced maintenance. The surface is stable to sustain players action with higher traction preventing the athletes slips or falls unexpectedly and the pitch is soft protecting joints and muscles from trauma.

POWERgrass system provide e fresh playing surface for better player’s comfort on sunny days. This makes POWERgrass® an excellent solution for urban areas offering a natural cooling green effect and capture PM10 or PM2.5 by evaporation and sequester carbon dioxide while producing oxygen.


Reduced maintenance and less surprises with a hybrid turf grass field

A hybrid turf grass field POWERgrass® will reduce your maintenance costs and will limit the risks for recovery interventions related to any unexpected biotic or abiotic stress also because the system will provide an always playable surface. Here are the most relevant reasons:

  • quick grass establishment in 3-4 weeks and easy recovery after each use by providing better growth conditions balancing air/water content in the rootzone, mitigating heat stress to the roots protected below the backing and reducing compaction; you just need to keep the top 35 mm layer of the substrate aerated, manage automatic irrigation and apply an accurate fertilization following the guidelines of regenerative agriculture;
  • limits to eliminates the post-match repairs of divots as it is resistant to intense use;
  • suitable for sports recreational events as you don’t have to worry about foot traffic; the system reinforce the grass and reduce the risks of failure of natural grass but if that happens, for any the reason, the surface of POWERgrass is playable because there present protruding on the surface a sufficient amount of synthetic fibres and the recovery is fast and easy;
  • more than 30% savings in 20 years compared to any other playing surface.


POWERgrass® combines quality and savings; it is a revolutionary product that changes the way synthetic turf and sports fields are made.

POWERgrass® provides a positive environment impact

There is no doubt that POWERgrass® respects the principles of the Green Economy, especially for two main reasons:

  1. In this hybrid system, synthetic turf is not exposed to the sun as it is covered with natural grass; by cultivating natural grass is estimated to lower the temperature and sequester carbon in the soil; we regular maintenance the system can last over 20 years, which makes it a profitable investment.
  2. At the end of the life cycles, the hybrid turf grass is re-used for public gardens and parks because, it is sufficient to remove the sod with the synthetic turf and transplant it to the new location.


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