Volta Mantovana switches to synthetic turf

Tuesday , 04 April 2017

Volta Mantovana is a small town with little more than 7,000 inhabitants, in the province of Mantua. For the next few years, it has decided to invest in the sports and culture sector, to benefit the young locals who live the city every day. The first phase of the project commissioned by the municipal administration witnessed the beginning of the works in the past few days to build a new synthetic turf football field, beside an already existing grass field.

The choice for synthetic turf

100 metres per 60, approved by FIGC and the National Amateur League, equipped with LED lights and synthetic turf mantle with Geofill organic infill, are the characteristics that will made the football field a highly innovative structure that can guarantee optimal playing performance. Divided in two equivalent parts that make it possible to create two futsal fields, the new stadium can be used in all weather conditions, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Concluding the works

The works will be concluded by June and Italgreen will take part in them, as it was charged with installing the synthetic turf mantle on the field. For Italgreen, Volta Mantovana is a new adventure that will increase the experience it has acquired in these years working in the sports sector.

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