Tuesday , 10 December 2019
Italgreen, a leading company in the production of synthetic turf, has completely renewed the playing fields that host the training sessions of the AC Monza.

Villa D'Adda (BG), 6 December 2019 - Italgreen took to the track with a new project: the reconstruction of the training camps of the great Brianza team and of the 13 teams that use the same spaces every day to train and play games on the calendar. From September the competitions have changed face and the sportsmen can compete in optimal conditions.


The renovation started during the summer break. Specifically, it was a massive redevelopment intervention not only in the fields, but also in the facility's facilities. It is here that Italgreen came into play, dedicating itself to the remaking of the 11 a side field (first in grass), the 7 a side (an old field in grass) and a soccer cage, each one in synthetic turf. The old field at 11 and the calciotto, given the state of use of the fund, created difficulties for the players who from this autumn can finally play home games on durable, resistant meadows, ISO 9001 certified and FIGC, FIR and FIFA homologated.

Italgreen thus confirms itself as a reference point in the sports scene for the construction of high performance synthetic grass fields. The company's collaboration with the biggest Italian Serie A teams is not secret. Suffice it to recall the training camps of Chievo Verona made in 2014 and the three fields for Juventus in 2015. The plus of the company, recognized by industry professionals, is the 360 ​​° monitoring of all project phases: from production, on delivery until installation.


Even for the Monzello sports center, the Bergamo-based company has studied in detail the best solutions to apply to the Monza fields. After a thorough examination, the choice for the 11 field fell on the 100% recyclable system 52 Lesmo 3S with Ecogreen coating Geofill infill and Next undermounted. This synthetic turf allows you to reach levels of bounce and sliding of the ball comparable to those of a real grass lawn. Professional and experienced players confirm that its morphology guarantees optimal foot support and torsion during all the movement variations performed in a game session. Lesmo 3S also ensures complete absorption of the shock and the necessary return of the forfeited energy. Even the Next undercap, always developed and produced by Italgreen SpA, optimizes the antishock performance of the synthetic lawn system, improving its performance during sports.


Not only technique, but also the eye wants its part, as well as the feeling of play. For this reason the extremely natural aspect of the field is given by the Geofill® system, the natural infill patented by Italgreen that offers a touch of naturalness to the synthetic grass system.

"We are proud of this new intervention. It represents an important milestone for us because it confirms the confidence of the sector in the quality of our product and our constant commitment in terms of research and development to meet the different needs of professional football every day. We are happy to receive continuous appreciation and confirmation from players, coaches, but also physiotherapists: all those who have the opportunity to see our work in the field at first hand” says Daniele Gilardi, CEO of Italgreen.

The CEO. of A.C. Monza Adriano Galliani asserts: “We are satisfied with having started a partnership with ITALGREEN. Our philosophy is to privilege and exalt all that is MADE IN ITALY and it is the reason that led us to choose this company as a partner, a leader in the production of synthetic soils for more than 30 years. Their working methods, in fact, from the production of the yarns to the production of synthetic grass carpets, up to the design and construction of the plants, take place entirely in Italy, where A.C. Monza aims to achieve good results in sport, making use of important collaborations such as the one that was born with ITALGREEN ”.

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