Synthetic turf maintenance: the Italgreen guide

Friday , 30 June 2023
The best advantage of synthetic turf playing fields is their good maintenance. The most heavily used areas, however, may need regular maintenance work so that they always provide excellent performance and keep both the synthetic grass and the infill at the top. For this reason, remember to carry out proper routine maintenance and schedule regular extraordinary synthetic turf maintenance with Italgreen.

Synthetic turf maintenance is very important because it could be more stressed in some areas because of the action of athletes than in others. The result is that infill may not remain evenly distributed, and rainwater collection and disposal systems may lose efficiency

In this article, we delve into:



The routine maintenance of synthetic turf fields

Keeping the synthetic turf in excellent condition ensures high technical-sport performance and maintenance of biomechanical parameters, such as ball bounce and roll, shock absorption, and good traction. In addition, a high-performance court is an added safety for athletes who, in the event of a fall or slip, do not suffer significant injuries or abrasions.

This is why timely and proper synthetic turf maintenance should include the following steps:

  • the control and removal of dirt and any foreign materials
  • the brushing of the playing field with a lawn tractor and brush in order to keep the turf even - for best results, we recommend you to make several passes in opposite directions to each other, both longitudinally and transversely to the playing field, with the tractor in slow gear, following straight paths
  • the checking and cleaning of the inspection channels and manholes
  • the monthly disinfection of the field - microparticles of sweat, the soles of shoes and even the water used for cleaning, in fact, can release microorganisms on the playing field that are potentially dangerous to the health of the athletes




The extraordinary maintenance of synthetic turf fields: Italgreen Care

The optimal periods for this type of intervention are spring and autumn: synthetic turf maintenance operations usually require a full day, during which the field is not accessible to athletes.

Extraordinary maintenance, as opposed to ordinary maintenance that you can carry out yourself, requires specialized technicians: in this regard, Italgreen has designed Italgreen Care, an exclusive and personalized service to ensure a long life for synthetic grass, but not only.

In fact, the program also gives you access to a number of exclusive benefits such as:

  • Reduced prices on maintenance programs, purchase clogs, and extra refill operations
  • Free inspections
  • Warranty extensions
  • Membership card accompanied by the special Italgreen Customer Kit


How often do maintenance on synthetic turf fields

Maintenance of synthetic turf fields is essential to ensure optimal performance and long life. The frequency and intensity of maintenance depend on several factors, including field use, local climate, and the surrounding environment.

In general, regular and scheduled synthetic turf maintenance is recommended. The ideal frequency for maintenance depends on the intensity of use of the field. For fields with high intensity of use, such as those used for professional sports, weekly maintenance is recommended. While for more moderate-use fields, such as those used for schools or sports centers, fortnightly or monthly maintenance may be sufficient.

Maintenance of synthetic turf fields includes several important activities. Regular cleaning of the field is essential to remove debris, leaves, dust, and other materials that may accumulate on the surface. The use of special brushes helps to remove such debris and evenly redistribute the rubber or sand infill on the field.

In addition, any damage or deformation of the surface should be checked and repaired. 

This may include replacing damaged synthetic grass blades or restoring the most sunken areas. Regular maintenance allows for early detection of such problems and prompt action to preserve the quality of the field.

Depending on the type of maintenance and interventions to be performed, you can consider whether to operate independently or seek the assistance of experienced professionals, such as Italgreen!

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The most common mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Proper maintenance of synthetic turf fields requires the adoption of appropriate practices. However, it is important to know the most common mistakes that are often made during maintenance in order to avoid them and preserve the quality of the field over time.

  • Lack of regular cleaning - one of the main mistakes is neglecting regular cleaning of the field. The presence of debris, such as leaves, dust, and other materials, can impair the performance of the field and promote mold or algae growth. Regular and thorough cleaning with soft bristle brushes or specific vacuums is essential to keep the field clean and in optimal condition
  • Use of inappropriate cleaners - using inappropriate cleaners can damage the synthetic turf surface. It is important to use only detergents specifically designed for synthetic turf, carefully following the manufacturer's instructions. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleaching agents that can cause fading or deterioration of the material
  • Lack of timely inspection and repair of damage - ignoring damage or deformation of the surface can lead to more serious problems over time. It is critical to conduct periodic inspections to identify and repair any damaged synthetic turf blades or sunken areas in a timely manner. Failure to repair can cause further damage and compromise the integrity of the field
  • Incorrect redistribution of fill - during maintenance, even redistribution of rubber or sand fill is essential to maintain an even field. However, a common mistake is improper redistribution of fill. It is important to use appropriate brushes and follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the backfill is evenly distributed over the entire field surface
  • Lack of attention to the drainage system - the drainage system of the synthetic turf field is critical to prevent water stagnation and keep the surface dry. However, the inspection and cleaning of drainage channels, sumps, and wells are often neglected. It is important to regularly inspect and clean the drainage system to ensure proper water runoff.

If you find yourself in one or more of the cases we just described, it's time to do some maintenance on your synthetic field. Keep reading and learn about the maintenance service offered by Italgreen!


Italgreen's synthetic turf maintenance: here's what we do

Italgreen offers a complete synthetic turf maintenance service, including a series of inspections, workmanship, and detailed reports. Our professionals will ensure that your field is maintained in optimal condition. 

Here are the specific services included in our maintenance package:


We will perform a thorough check to verify the flatness of the field, identifying any existing depressions and bumps. We also check for cleavages on the sheets, markings, penalty discs, and bezels. In addition, we check the thickness of the infill, both the height of the free pile at various points on the field, with particular attention to the midfield and goalkeeper areas, and the thickness of the yarn, identifying any abnormal deterioration. Finally, we also carry out control of signage and obstacle measurements, including checking for ruined guards or new obstacles present in the outfield.


Surface cleaning is essential to remove contaminants such as leaves, seeds, dust, and litter. We use specialized machinery to blow away such debris and ensure a clean surface. We repair any cleavages on sheets and signage, including penalty discs and bezels. 

Brushing and harrowing with appropriate machinery are performed to make the distribution of the present clog even. If necessary, we also perform deep disking of the existing infill in the mat, followed by laying the new infill material. We repeat the brushing to even out the previously placed infill and ensure uniform performance. We also perform an inspection and cleaning of the drainage system, including channels, manholes, and sumps, removing any accumulation of waste material.



We provide detailed photographic documentation of the intervention, with emphasis on reporting for National Amateur League (LND) requirements

This includes information on decompaction, laying of the infill, laying of turnbuckle tubes, placement of bumps and depressions, cleavages, and replacement of signage, as well as the condition of the yarn (supported by video, if necessary). 

We compile a complete report of the intervention, which is signed by the construction worker and the client. We also provide the ITG care coupon, if any, with a copy for the client and a copy to be returned.

Rely on Italgreen for complete and professional maintenance of your synthetic turf field.

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Why choose Italgreen

Italgreen has been a leading manufacturer of synthetic turf fields since 1983. Entirely made in Italy, the company is based on 3 fundamental principles: research, innovation, and quality.

Italgreen is the first Italian company to offer a complete service, from design to the laying of synthetic turf to its maintenance.

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The testing phase of finished products is very important within the company because it allows us to find the perfect meeting point between customer expectations and current regulations in Italy and abroad. In fact, customer satisfaction is the priority of Italgreen, which invests a lot in research in order to be able to offer better and better performance. To date, Italgreen offers several lines of synthetic turf products for soccer fields and all grass sports (soccer, padel, rugby, tennis, etc.) each with its own characteristics.

The high quality demonstrated by Italgreen has even resulted in the company being chosen to build a soccer field for a major league team, a source of great pride for the company.

Keep your field looking great at all times:

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