Synthetic turf doesn't fear snow

Wednesday , 07 March 2018
Stop to impractical fields and postponed matches

Snow and impracticable fields, postponed matches. This is the result of the wave of Burian frost and Big Snow that hit the entire peninsula during the last week. After the removal of the snow layer from the pitch, the artificial grass fields are immediately practicable and in excellent condition.

The snow consequence

Amateurs and professionals clubs have indeed been put to the test by the weather conditions of the last days. The cold temperatures accompanied by heavy snowfall have forced the stop of some games and training sessions. Playing in frozen stadiums and semi-impracticable fields is dangerous for players, and partly for the public, and also counterproductive for the entertainment ».

Snow-covered fields are dangerous, with risk of sprains or joint injuries. The white blanket and the frost that have covered the Italian fields in recent days have substantially prevented the regular running of sports, in addition the melting snow and the typical removals create problem on natural grass fields going to ruin the pitch causing pools of mud that are created going to contaminate the rebound, the flow of the ball and generally the fluidity of play.

Synthetic turf solution

On the other hand, synthetic systems with artificial turf pitch have the great advantage of being immediately usable and guaranteeing optimal immediate performance after eliminating the layer of snow on the playing ground.

Once the snow has been removed, taking care not to damage the yarn, players can immediately take advantage of the field without having to wait days before the system is set up. With Italgreen synthetic grass, it will no longer be necessary to suspend or postpone training sessions and sessions. Once again, bynthetic grass is a winning element and a differential factor to promote the success of a sports club.

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