Soresinese Calcio: let's go!

Friday , 31 August 2018

It’s time to inaugurate the new US Soresinese Calcio field. Wednesday 5th September has officially arrived the inauguration of the #madeinitalgreen field onto, we’re sure, the team will obtain lots of victories and it will give joy to the supporters.

It is a 52mm DMX synthetic field with rubber infill.

Regarding the lawn, this product’s strength is that it is an innovative mantle characterized by its special diamond shape, which gives this synthetic turf incredible resilience and high elastic memory. In addition, its ultra-high thickness makes it last longer as it provides it with extreme resistance against the strain of use and the attack of UV rays and ice. Moreover DMX realization is followed from the wire’s born until the weaving and stocking because in this case the wire is produced directly by Italgreen and it isn’t bought from third parties.

The infill is Nobilitated SBR Rubber that cushion the falling shock and recreates in excellent way the ball bounce as it was on natural field.

We did ours, now Soresinese has to give everything to reach great goals.

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