Friday , 09 February 2018

Milan 06 February 2018 - 16 thousand energy-consuming facilities in Lombardy, 80% of which requires maintenance and renewal measures that are estimated to amount to 1 billion euros in investments. These are the data presented during the conference on Public and Private Partnership, focused on a new model for the future of sports facilities, held in the Testori Hall at Palazzo Lombardia on the morning of 6 February.

Relevant interventions

To seal the urgency of the topic and the attention of the operators of the sector, an interested and participated audience of guests including local administrators and managers of sports facilities as well as a large audience of speakers. The start of the works was anticipated by the interesting and pragmatic interventions by the authorities. Among the many have brought their contribution on the theme Virginio Brivio, President Anci Lombardia and Antonio Rossi, Councilor for Sports of the Lombardy Region who have emphasized the need to pursue rational and concrete results starting from the close dialogue between local administrators, managers of facilities and bodies sports.
Italgreen, reality of Villa d'Adda specializes in the creation of synthetic turf sports facilities, could not miss this important event that was characterized by the pragmatic nature of the contributions from which it emerged clearly as a solution to the data presented, the PPP formula (Public Private Partnership) which aims to guarantee simplified procedures able to facilitate in a transparent manner the contribution of the public administration to the extraordinary maintenance and construction of football fields. ith costs, management and reliable results for the entire duration of the concession, without constituting debt for the municipal budget as, having verified the correct transfer of risks to the private entity, the operation is configured off balance going to affect exclusively the current expenses entity.

The presence of Italgreen

Italgreen could not refuse to participate, as a technical partner, in the event organized by Acquanetwork under the patronage of the Lombardy Region and in collaboration with ANCI, in light of its experience in the sector.
The company as a partner and supporter of the initiative is in fact proposed as a reliable reality capable of managing the rebuilding of a sports facility with the formula in PPP. In this way the reconversion of the soccer fields from natural grass to synthetic grass in fact entails a considerable advantage especially with regard to maintenance charges.
"We took part in the event to testify how the enhancement of local sports activities is a question for which we must find concrete solutions, Italgreen is at the service of local administrations, sports clubs and plant managers to provide all our expertise on the explains the theme, given by over 30 years of activity in the world of sport - explains Daniele Gilardi, CEO of Italgreen -. The PPP can today be considered the turning point to promote sporting values, not only at professional but also and above all amateur levels, especially for young people, thus emphasizing the social value of sport in our communities ".

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