Thursday , 09 August 2018

Paddle is a relatively new sport which is taking on in the sport world, for this reason we want to explain you what are the advantages for the players and for a sport center ownerUntil now this sport have been practiced especially in Spain, where the passionates affirm:

el Paddle te engancha’; and it means that It Lock onto.

The number of practicant is increasing and there are several reason why this sport is obtaining such success. First of all it is an activity that can be practiced both indoor and outdoor, so during every season and with any type of weather.

Moreover, everyone, from 6 to 80’ years, man and woman, athletic or not, can play easily ed learn it quickly. Many could believe that paddle substitute tennis, but the reality is that this sporting discipline is a mix of three different sports: tennis, squash and racquetball. This way is possible to improve a sport center’s client range and all the other commercial activity linked to it (lessons, new pupils, courses, equipment selling,..)

As sad before, there’s no need to be fit to start playing Paddle, also because usually it is played in pair, 2v2, and the field dimensions are smaller than a tennis court. From this the owner would take an advantage, who could, very easily, transform an already existing tennis court in two Paddle field. This means that the player who pay to rent the court will be 8 and not 2, increasing the profit and optimizing the available space.

Nowadays Paddle has his own Federation, both on national and international level (Fedeaciòn Internaciònal de Pàdel), with different tournament organized on the whole territory and a number of passionates which still increasing.

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