Oralimpics 2018, Italgreen sponsor ufficiale

Friday , 04 May 2018
Synthetic turf to technical support of the sporting event

The presentation of the Oralimpics, the oratorial Olympics, this year in their second edition took place yesterday in Milan on Thursday 3 May.

The commitment of Italgreen

Italgreen has always been committed to providing technical support through increasingly advanced synthetic grass systems to provide sports, children and oratories with sports facilities at the fundamental height to promote and train through fun and aggregation. social,

Also Italgreen has had the opportunity to take part in the event by coloring Piazza Duomo with Itagreen artificial grass. The company team has in fact set up a soccer field with synthetic grass in full Oratorian style right in the heart of the Milanese metropolis. The Italgreen synthetic turf conquers Milan and covers the most famous square in Italy!

Institutions and testimonials

In the presence of important representatives of the sporting and institutional world, Italgreen has been brought to light again for its commitment to the side of young people, who for this summer 2018 have joined many in the sporting event. A record-breaking participation also sponsored by Italgreen, which can be proud of supporting the younger generations and pursuing an attempt to become involved in the world of sport, which has now become an integral part of the Italgreen philosophy. The educational value of sporting activities and challenges on the playing field is at the center of the presentation of the Oralimpics thanks to the support of Italgreen, official sponsor of the whole event.
Now scheduled for June 29 at the Arexpo site in Milan, for the opening ceremony!


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