Italgreen Synthetic Turf signs the fields of San Cirano, Argentina

Friday , 17 February 2017
Synthetic turf for Argentinian hockey

Italgreen's presence across the pond is now consolidated not only in the installation of synthetic turf football fields all over the world, but also for sports clubs of all kinds.

A significant and prestigious example of this mindset is the new project the company is developing for Argentinian club San Cirano. For this important club of Buenos Aires, founded in 1973, Italgreen will install a synthetic turf field for the hockey team. The works will be concluded this spring. Here it will be possible to observe once again how synthetic turf is a precious, perhaps fundamental, ally for this sport.

Field hockey requires grass with uniform height, to make sure the ball will slide as it must. In this specific aspect, Italgreen has proven it can respond perfectly to the needs of players, favouring ball passes and perfect ball control, but also to the management necessities of sport clubs, cutting down on maintenance costs over time. The project for San Cirano club is a new piece in Italgreen's story of international growth, achieved thanks to a nonstop research that focuses on innovation and high technology at the service of sport.

The systems for field hockey installed by Italgreen are now considered to be at the top level for this discipline, to the point that the company has become an official partner and supplier of synthetic turf for the hockey federation, as well as a company that today works at the service of the most important international federations.

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