Italgreen synthetic turf, one of the main sponsors of CDO Sharing

Wednesday , 08 March 2017
CDO Sharing 2017

This time there are no stadiums, sports centres or luxurious design venues for Italgreen's synthetic turf: tomorrow and the day after, the appointment is at MICO, in Milan, for CDO Sharing, the event organised by Compagnia delle Opere to connect entrepreneurs, professionals and managers in high-level conventions and workshops.

Sharing View, Sharing Speech and Sharing Lab will be the ingredients wisely mixed within the great container created by CDO, during which 2,000 people, including entrepreneurs, professionals and managers, will meet to share experiences, enrich their own knowledge and develop their own businesses. 8 Sharing Views, 20 Sharing Speeches and 30 Sharing Labs to compare experiences and understand the best strategies to develop one's own business and help change the country.

Italgreen will not only participate in the event; it has decided to become a sponsor, a choice backed by the awareness of how these moments are important for those who pursue the great goal of enterprising not only for themselves, but for the good of Italy's economy as well. Dialogue, comparison and healthy debate among entrepreneurs are instruments that open our minds, put us in contact with different points of view, and help us internalise all elements potentially useful to achieve our own goals in the best possible way. Italgreen was chosen as sponsor due to its successful trajectory over more than twenty years of career, in which CDO has acknowledged the effort that the company from Bergamo has made to offer increasingly innovative, high-level products in synthetic turf.

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