Italgreen and Challenge against Hunger

Wednesday , 13 June 2018
Italgreen synthetic turf to support the initiative against malnutrition in the world

Crossroads of sport, solidarity and business. So we can summarize the "Challenge against hunger" event that June 15 will animate City Life in Milan.

What is Challenge against Hunger and why synthetic grass?

The event, which has obtained the patronage of CONI and the Municipality of Milan, sees the involvement of companies and their employees in a major sporting challenge and solidarity, to raise funds for programs against child malnutrition that Action against the Hunger realizes in world. Each participant can choose to participate in one or more activities among those planned, such as running, walking, yoga, zumba and human foosball. Italgreen could not miss this first Italian edition for which Milan was chosen, which is the beating heart of the entrepreneurship of the country, a dynamic city that is sensitive to humanitarian problems. The company is in fact a technical partner of the initiative for the preparation of the parterre that will be used for the yoga and zumba area. Italgreen will provide for the show anti-shock plates with puzzles and synthetic grass on which to perform the activities of Yoga and Zumba.



The values of the event

The high philanthropic value of this highly sporting event convinced Italgreen that it chose to support by supplying its products to the Milan day organized in favor of projects against the malnutrition of Action against Hunger and which allows for the first time in Italy to get involved in the first person and feel part of a common cause.

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