ASD Trebisacce: let's go for the D

Monday , 03 September 2018
Let's conquer the Eccellenza

Here we go! The ASD Trebisacce wins and convinces the supporters in their first season match, the derby against Juvenilia a Roseto C.S..

After winning the small group stage we hope the team could do well in the Calabrian Eccellenza Championship.

We’re sure the new home stadium with synthetic mantle Italgreen will help the team in conquering important victories for the desired promotion in D: step up to the national level and overcome Calabrian borders.

The artificial field, completely #madeinitalgreen it’s a wire DMD with rubber infill.

About the lawn, this product’s strength is that it is an innovative mantle characterized by its special diamond shape, which gives this synthetic turf incredible resilience and high elastic memory. In addition, its ultra-high thickness makes it last longer as it provides it with extreme resistance against the strain of use and the attack of UV rays and ice.

The infill is Nobilitated SBR Rubber that cushion the falling shock and recreates in excellent way the ball bounce as it was on natural field.

After some important inserts for the team, we hope that, as well as Soresinese Calcio (also with synthetic field Italgreen), the ASD Trebisacce could reach the same results and arrive in the national championship.


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