Among the beauties of the Cilento area, a new synthetic turf stadium

Thursday , 20 April 2017
The inauguration

The new San Nicola di Bari, the sports centre of Stella Cilento, was inaugurated a few days ago. It was remade and modernised with an innovative synthetic turf mantle by Italgreen.


In a land, the Cilento, characterised by sweet hills, olive trees and a lovely blue Tyrrhenian sea, Italgreen once again gave proof of its professionalism when it installed its 62 Lesmo HD RCT Leonardo system, a synthetic turf mantle with the best compromise between aesthetic beauty, softness and elastic memory, in this case enhanced by a RCT (Recyclable Coating Technology) support: a thermoplastic lining with recyclable spread, fully recyclable in all its parts, a bastion of innovation within Italgreen.


The new sports field San Nicola di Bari was welcomed with joy and enthusiasm by the community and by a team of old glories of the Napoli, which challenged a representation of famous local players for the occasion.

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