Synthetic turf maintenance

Tuesday , 23 May 2023
The Italgreen guide

How to take care of your synthetic turf

Italgreen synthetic grass are easily stored in good condition. However, some areas of the playgorund are undeniably more stressed by the action of the athletes, with the result that the infill material may not be uniformly distributed. Furthermore, rainwater collection and disposal systems could lose efficiency. For these reasons, Italgreen recommends an ordinary maintenance of the playing field on a weekly basis.

This maintenance should include the following steps:

  1. Inspection and removal of dirt and other foreign materials
  2. Brushing the pitch with a lawn tractor and a scrubber in order to maintain a homogeneous lawn. For an optimal result it is advisable to carry out several passages in the opposite direction, both longitudinally and in a direction transverse to the playing field, with the tractor running slowly and following straight trajectories
  3. Checking and cleaning of the conduits and the inspection wells
  4. Possibly, manual reloading with infill materials in areas where it is in short supply

In case of stubborn stains, it is possible to apply water and soap to the portion of the synthetic turf field involved and easily remove the stain - which should however fade over time thanks to the characteristics of the Italgreen synthetic surface - by brushing vigorously. Particular attention should be paid to the loss of petrol and diesel oil on the turf, which could cause the detachment of tufts of grass on site; in this case it is necessary to promptly dry the affected area, possibly also removing the infill material up to the base of the mantle.

As for the painting of the pitch, it could be temporarily operated with water tempera; not gypsum, paint or other aggressive substances against polyethylene. Finally, a monthly disinfection of the field is recommended.

The dedicated Italgreen Care Program is born, for a perfect synthetic turf

Extraordinary maintenance must instead be carried out by Italgreen specialized technicians. The best times are the months of February - March and June - August and maintenance operations usually require a day to complete, a period during which the camp will not be accessible to athletes.

To accompany its customers even in the unavoidable maintenance phase, Italgreen has studied Italgreen Care, an exclusive and personalized service aimed at guaranteeing a long life to the synthetic surface and providing a series of advantages to the customer. Italgreen Care provides several offers that include reduced prices on maintenance programs, purchase of clogs and extra charging operations; free inspections; warranty extensions and also a member card that gives access to exclusive advantages such as the Italgreen customer kit including casacchine and soccer balls.

Close to the customer at 360 °!


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buongiorno Siamo i nuovi gestori dell'impianto di Perugia sito in Località San Sisto , avremmo la necessità di verificare l'ultima manutenzione effettuata sul manto ed altresì che tempo di scadenza ha la stessa ; Vi prego di rispondere tramite la mail indicata , altrimenti potete contattarmi al 348/3411575 resto in attesa di un Vs. gentile riscontro, Cordialità

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Salve avrei due campi in erba sintetica, avrei bisogno di un intervento di manutenzione, è possibile avere un preventivo grazie

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siamo la Cinisellese calcio di via dei Lavoratori 27 a Cinisello Balsamo -MI siamo interessati a VS offerta per programma di manutenzione ns campo sintetico grazie

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