Indoor padel courts

Italgreen designs and installs high quality indoor padel courts according to customers' requests. Discover all the advantages of this type of field and Italgreen solutions.

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Italgreen’s best solutions for indoor padel courts

After careful research and development work, Italgreen created high quality indoor padel courts, characterized by excellent resistance and efficient game performance.

More precisely, Italgreen offers panoramic iron padel courts, in order to guarantee the best experience both for players and spectators.

A panoramic padel court, in fact, can offer a much wider view to enjoy the game performance even better, thanks to the presence of small plexiglass or steel connectors to replace the traditional poles used to connect the windows.

In addition, these indoor padel courts are the winning choice also with regard to materials: iron is a very innovative material for padel courts, as it is the result of a state-of-the-art process of hot dip galvanizing and thermo-hardened powder coating

This means that padel courts made this way:

  • are not subject to deterioration;
  • avoid problems such as rust and possible structural failures;
  • are extremely resistant and durable over time;
  • need minimal maintenance operations;
  • are fireproof;
  • are perfectly compliant with FIT and FIP specifications.


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Iron padel courts


Why choose an indoor padel court

An indoor padel court can be the best choice for your sports center, as:

  • It can be used year-round regardless of weather conditions;
  • It is very durable as it is protected from bad weather conditions;
  • Avoid suffering from cold weather during the winter season;
  • It can guarantee a better light during evening matches.

In general, choosing an indoor padel court will allow you to play whenever you want and this is very positive also from the economic point of view: the possibility to play without any limitation, in fact, results in a greater number of matches that can be played in a day, resulting in higher profits.

Choose Italgreen for your new padel court

Italgreen, leading manufacturer and installer of synthetic turf padel courts, offers excellent quality solutions to ensure great playing performance with minimal maintenance.

With Italgreen, you will be followed during the design and construction phases of your indoor padel court, which can be personalized according to your needs.

You will be able to choose from two different types of synthetic turf, specially designed for padel: 12 padel pro and 14 padel, able to ensure flawless playing performance.

And that's not all. Italgreen, in fact:

  • Guarantees 100% Made in Italy quality fields;
  • Offers "turnkey solutions", in fact the entire process of construction and installation is totally managed by us;
  • Is an official sponsor of the International Padel Generation;
  • It is an institutional partner of ICS (Istituto per il Credito Sportivo), the main provider of financing for padel courts.


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