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Rugby and American football fields are the ones most subject to strain. Italgreen has studied avant-garde solutions to provide players with a perfect field all year round: artificial football and rugby turfs are an efficient approach to this problem.

Italgreen is an international manufacturer and supplier of artificial football and rugby turf, both of them made with high quality synthetic grass. The product, combined with specially designed bottoms and underlays, limits to the maximum shock and abrasion from falling, offering a comfortable but at the same time extremely performing surface.

Football and rugby turf suppliers of excellence

Italgreen is a leader in American football and turf supply and it has been chosen by some important stadiums all over the world.

We took part in the construction of the IRB certified Bessa Boavista stadium in Portugal and of the stadium that hosted the 2013 Football European Championship, delivering products of excellence for international events.

Our business also involves prestigious plants in America and Europe such as the Vigorelli in Milan, making Italgreen a distinguished supplier of synthetic football and rugby turf.


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Rugby turf

The search for perfection helped by the feedback from coaches and professional players allowed us to develop a rugby turf system approved by the IRB (International Rugby Board) and the Italian Rugby Federation. Both premiere Italian and international rugby teams chose our rugby turf for its excellent performance and realistic effect.

We can offer different kind of synthetic mantles, depending on the desired characteristics:

  • DOUBLE 4, for the perfect foot support and torque
  • DMX, as soft as a natural field
  • All Star, with an optimal reflectance and slippering indices.

Italgreen can also customize the mantle according your needs, in order to create the perfect rugby turf for your club.

American football turf

American football turf is very similar to rugby turf, with only minor variations in the size of the field. Our installations of American football turf share the same advantages and qualities we mentioned before: high performance, realistic effect, and many other advantages we introduce in the next paragraph.

Synthetic turf for rugby and synthetic turf for American football grow at Italgreen.

Why choose rugby and American football synthetic turf

Using high-quality synthetic grass in the production of the turf guarantees several advantages:

  • extremely low maintenance
  • perfect condition all year round
  • high customization
  • steady performance with any weather condition.

If you choose Italgreen for your football or rugby turf, it will alwayes be a win-win game.


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Why choose Italgreen turf
  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Perfect field, regardless of the climate
  • Low manteineance
  • Perfect 365 days per year
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